About Us

Hi! I am Eleisha, Owner and Creator of BrokenLineDesign. I fell in love with art as a very young child, I found it offered comfort in my hardest times, picked me up when I needed it and always gave me something to strive for, to keep living for. Over time being an artist has drastically improved my confidence, body image and outlook on life. As a young woman who struggled to find where I fit in. Now 10 years on and my dream has become a reality! Creating beauty in an often ugly world is everything to me!

Our Mission

Since learning how art can change the way we think and feel, we, at BLD, have made it our mission to spread love, equality, empowerment and body positivity through our art pieces.

It all started back in high school when friends started to notice the artwork piling up around my room and offered to buy some, people then started to ask for custom pieces and that’s where my love of art grew into an obsession. Creating a piece that’s totally unique, completely personal and bursting with love and memories for someone is the best feeling in the world! To see their reaction when the final piece is revealed. To read about all the stories it created and all the new memories it will create for the rest of their lives is truly incredible!

Our future goal is to keep spreading happiness. To keep promoting individuality. To inspire women all over the world to be themselves, embrace their differences and live their best life. What better way to do that than to have all the love, encouragement and confidence hanging all around your home!